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HMRC estimates that over 2.4 million couples are missing out, are you one of them?

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What is a Marriage Allowance Claim?

In April 2015, the UK Government introduced Marriage Allowance, an all-new income tax break for married couples and civil partners. Marriage Allowance allows the lower earner within the marriage or civil partnership to transfer £1,250 of their unused Personal Allowance to their higher-earning partner.

Doing this will reduce the higher earner’s income tax bill by up to £250 per year. The Government has been widely criticised by experts for failing to publicise the Marriage Allowance tax break properly. It has been widely documented that more than 2.4 million married couples in Britain are missing out on the marriage tax break.

How do you make a claim...

You do not have to use a Tax Agent to pursue a refund / claim. You can always contact HMRC directly to process this application.

If you use the Marriage Tax Helpdesk service this means your refund / claim application will be passed to one of our partners for processing, you will be charged a success fee from the compensation you receive. If you are not successful, then no fee will be charged. Our partners charge a fee of up to 35% + Vat plus an administration fee of up to £100 + Vat (charged at the current rate of Vat at the time of invoicing), will be payable on all successful claim(s), as per the Terms of Engagement, see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

How is Marriage Tax Helpdesk paid?

Marriage Tax Helpdesk is a brand of Lead Insight Ltd who act as an introducer and help to connect you with trusted Service Providers, who are experienced in pursuing Tax Refunds on behalf of consumers. When you submit an enquiry via our websites, your data will be securely transferred to a named Service Provider (as outlined in our Privacy Policy). We get paid by the Service Providers we work with, but the payment we get will never make any difference to the service you receive.

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